Sri Lanka is now a newly trending exotic perfect destination wedding location. Apart from the obvious reasons such as Sri Lanka being the Paradise Island; the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, there are in fact few legit reasons as to why having your destination wedding in Sri Lanka might be the best decision you have ever made.

While we can’t speak for every single couple, most couples DO look to get the legalities done along with the wedding ceremony. Fortunately this is not a problem if you are planning your wedding in Sri Lanka as the marriage certificate you obtain will be valid in UK as well as in other countries.

A number of countries do offer legal marriage registration, but only very few offer a quick legal process which is a crucial point to consider when deciding your wedding destination. Once again this is not a problem if you chose Sri Lanka as you are only required to be in the island minimum four days prior to the wedding to complete all the legalities. Quick and easy as that!

The choice is yours and there simply isn’t a wrong choice! It could be a western- style religious/non-religious ceremony or it could even be an all traditional Sri Lankan wedding. Whether you are looking to have a picture perfect beach wedding or if you are hoping to share your wedding wows on top of a hill with a stunning backdrop scenery. YOU can choose how your happily ever-after begins.

Sri Lanka has the whole package. Picture this… after the wedding, for your honeymoon vacation why not embark on an island tour to explore the natural scenic beauties as well as the cultural treasures hidden within island? Travelling will only takes a couple of hours instead of days and you will find yourself enjoying the always changing climate during your tour. It can be hot and humid at one point then cool and misty at the next. A true tropical experience is guaranteed with so much more.

If you want to have your wedding in Sri Lana and fly off somewhere else for the honeymoon. Paradises such as Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles or even the ultimate symbol of love “The Taj Mahal” in India – it is only a couple hours on a flight.

Here’s your chance to create the perfect intimate wedding with just your partner in crime or with few of your loved ones all gathered to celebrate your special day. But if going big is your motto then bring on the crowds and treat them to a special occasion they will never forget. Either way it’s going to help create special memories for everyone involved thanks to the island magic!!

At the end of the day, will it all be worth it?? We can say it is.

Having your wedding in Sri Lanka will certainly help you save half the amount you will end up spending if you are planning to get married here in UK. Plus with added advantage of also being the perfect honeymoon destination as well, Sri Lanka without a doubt becomes the ideal location for your dream wedding AND you can get your money’s worth!!!


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