Thai Christian Wedding Ceremony

A Thai Christian wedding ceremony is performed in line with the specific Christian denomination’s customs. In Thailand a Christian wedding ceremony can be Catholic, Anglican or Protestant in nature.

A Thai Christian wedding ceremony is usually performed within a church with the blessings of the church leader; however couples can also host the Christian ceremony in the hotel for added ambience.

A Thai Christian wedding ceremony is performed around the importance of religion and God. It is performed as a mark of respect and permission in the eyes of God for holy matrimony.

Thai Christian wedding ceremonies tend to be large family based ceremonies similar to
those from back home.

As part of a Thai Christian wedding one can expect

  • The groom to enter with his family first to the ceremony location
  • The bride to follow with the bridal march planning in the background
  • The couple will then be preceded over by the church leader as they tie the knot and Christian rituals are performed over them.
  • Followed on by the couple’s selective few reading bible scriptures and concluding with hymns to bless the marriage.
  • The couple will then seal their marriage with their first kiss as husband and wife after which the gathered crowd will congratulate them as part of the wedding ceremony.

A Christian wedding ceremony is usually followed on by a cocktail session prior to the grand wedding banquet that follows. To ease the stress of organising a destination wedding in line with the Christian faith, Barefoot Weddings is able to advise its discerning clients on the religious formalities and regulations that need to be followed prior to a Christian wedding ceremony.

Barefoot Weddings is also able to organise a Christian wedding ceremony to suit each of our discerning clients. Be it a full mass or simply a blessing, Barefoot Weddings is comfortably able to organise a wedding ceremony in line with the couple’s wishes.

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