Trends of Destination Weddings

It is a typical cliché, but as every girl knows, her wedding day is the biggest dream of her life since childhood. So when the date has been finally announced, the first thing that you would want to decide is your theme. Be inspired and bring everything together from your flower arrangement, menu, decor, guest lists, the girls & boys, to your very own dream wedding dress! Getting married does not necessarily have to be at home. You can still be in up- to-date fashion and choose your favourite wedding theme and incorporate it with your Destination Wedding Venues. Think about getting married abroad with the most unique and distinctive serene sea and sky backdrops by the sandy beaches or imagine being escorted by a majestic elephant to the aisle, or what about celebrating at its grandeur at a maharaja’s palace. Think about Barefoot Weddings!


Here are some thoughts and ideas that I’ve put together which includes a few hottest themes & trends for 2016/17. The ideas are just a beginning, the imaginations are endless.



Have a traditional pretty pale pink princess dress with blush tones and texture. Decorate your venue with pale pink & peach mixed ornaments. This will perfectly blend in with the beautiful sunset by the sandy beaches, and the radiant sun.


fairy-taleIf you are not so keen on a pink dress, simple wedding dresses are perfect for a barefoot walk down the calm beach.  Graceful and enduring, they share a lasting beauty yet have a casual feel that make them perfect for destination weddings.


If you’re considering a wedding with an ocean view, you’ll also have to consider beach wedding dresses. Go for a lace short dress or a chiffon long one. Have a beautiful hand braided flower tiaras that will just suit your beachside backdrop perfectly. Collect local fragrant flowers to make your own with your personality amalgamated with it. Well, why not get your private butler to do the work for you! I can’t think of a more beautiful and a perfect place other than the Maldives where you can acquire your very own island to exchange vows just with your family & close friends.

Bold & Gold:


This is all about drama. Have your imagination go over-the-top with rich gold combined with any colour you like.


Bold-&-Gold 1Let it be as bright as purple, or as sheen as pink, this bold & gold combination of colours will bring lush and opulence to your venue. Gold doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy cheap table decors and spray them in gold. The golden sand will accomplish your venue along with your elegant dress.


Why not go traditional and wear a national costume according to the destination you choose? India and Thailand are two countries most suitable for destination weddings which dominate its rich glamour of colours and traditions. Bring out the brightness in you!

Rajasthan Night:


Evoke the opulence of India with its rich colours, bold patterns, outdoor dining, and dominate your day like a Maharani.




Elaborate your evening ceremony with colourful & lush backdrops at the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur or the magnificent Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. The Indian culture is full of dazzling design elements that simply create a luxurious aura.


When considering the actual wedding in India, it is by their law that non- Indian nationals are restricted to having the legal marriage in India, so Barefoot Weddings recommends that you have your legal procedures at a registry office at home, and have a magnificent and glorious celebration with your family and friends in India.

Bring on the Spring:


Getting married abroad in the tropical islands has its best benefits of having the weather in your kindness most of the year.


Bring-on-the-springHowever Barefoot Weddings suggest that you check with our wedding planner to avoid any monsoon seasons. If you are a bride who is inspired by bright floral colours, think Maldives & Sri Lanka. The hibiscus, begonias, orchids,  paper flowers (bougainvilleus) tropical fruits, tranquil turquoise blue sea, pearl white sand and you with your perfect man!


Fill in the venue with freshly cut tropical flowers and fruits. Ask for your cakes to be highlighted in bright fuscian pink flowers and sea water blue. Again Maldives and Sri Lanka will tick all your boxes for your beach wedding.



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